Thursday, May 10, 2012

Broadway Magic

Tickets to see a Broadway play are included in the price of our New York City Arts Tour (October 4-7,2012). For full details on the tour, visit Choosing which play to see is like a game. Do we choose a musical or a drama? Will people want to see something that's been around a long time, e.g. Lion King or something new? Here are two plays, both receiving excellent reviews, that we're considering: A new kid on the block, that's up for several Tony Awards:
And a stirring, emotional drama that has brought even the toughest men to tears:
What's your choice?

Dreaming in French

A new book by Alice Kaplan caught my attention. Its title is Dreaming in French. A quick blurb says the book is about how living in Paris influenced three young women, at different times, who each in her own way went on to become famous: Jacqueline Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis. I'm intrigued. Here's a review.