Friday, February 24, 2012

Packing for International Travel

Promised to continue sharing these excellent "Travel Light" tips from our Parkland colleague, Martha Bowser-Kiener. She has led numerous international tours for us in Community Education, as well as Study Abroad tours. She knows what she's talking about.

Here are Martha's suggestions for What to Pack:

* Consider the size and weight of every item you pack. It makes a difference. For example, jeans are great, but they're heavy and hard to wash/dry while traveling.
* Take things you wouldn't mind leaving behind. Hint: I often shop for travel clothes at Goodwill or tak old socks, etc.
* Take clothes you feel comfortable wearing--and that you can layer & mix/match.
* DON'T take anything you would hate to lose or have ruined on the trip.
* Take multi-purpose items, for example: mild shampoo can also be used to wash clothes and/or body wash; scarves can do double-duty as belts, and so on.
* Pack clothes that follow the "3-color rule: neutral + 2 coordinating colors."
* Take 2 pairs of shoes (plus sandals, if you wish).

* For toiletries, keep everything in multiple small, throwaway containers and pitch them as you empty them (hotel freebies are great!).
* Keep in mind: most hotels have hairdryers and irons. Some travelers even buy low-cost Euro hairdyers while abroad.
* Never leave on a trip without travel-size bottles of Febreze and a stain remover.

Next time: How to Pack.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to travel light

Our friend and colleague, Martha Bowser-Kiener, has led many of our college's travel tours for the community (she also leads Study Abroad tours). So, it's a sure bet that Martha has learned a trick or two about packing for overseas travel.

Martha has graciously shared her "Travel Light" tips with us. Here are a few (there will be many more in future blog posts):

* A good suitcase is your best ally. If you're purchasing, closely look it over for packing potential.
* I prefer a medium-sized rolling suitcase, with multiple sections separated by plastic; I also like large duffel-style bags that can be rolled or worn as a backpack (hands-free is good).

*Also take one small bag to use as a flight carry-on/day pack.
* Consider taking an additional fold-up bag in your luggage, just in case you end up with extra "goodies" to bring home!

Next time: What to pack

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Just received a travel magazine I'd not seen before here in our office. AFAR. Gorgeous photos, great design, interesting, well-written articles.

Take a look here.