Friday, February 17, 2012

How to travel light

Our friend and colleague, Martha Bowser-Kiener, has led many of our college's travel tours for the community (she also leads Study Abroad tours). So, it's a sure bet that Martha has learned a trick or two about packing for overseas travel.

Martha has graciously shared her "Travel Light" tips with us. Here are a few (there will be many more in future blog posts):

* A good suitcase is your best ally. If you're purchasing, closely look it over for packing potential.
* I prefer a medium-sized rolling suitcase, with multiple sections separated by plastic; I also like large duffel-style bags that can be rolled or worn as a backpack (hands-free is good).

*Also take one small bag to use as a flight carry-on/day pack.
* Consider taking an additional fold-up bag in your luggage, just in case you end up with extra "goodies" to bring home!

Next time: What to pack

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