Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Pack for Travel

Final installment of Martha Bowser-Kiener's terrific tips on "traveling light." Here goes:

* Make a list of what you'd like to take on your journey. Think about what your daily activities will be and what you'd like to wear for them.
* Lay everything out on your bed (preferably NOT the night before you travel) and start paring down what you'll actually pack.
* Make sure each item of clothing can be worn w/at least 3 others.
* Should you "roll & stuff" or "fold & stack?" A combo of these packing techniques will be your best bet.
* Pack by feel, not sight. Find and use those "nooks & crannies" in your suitcase.
* Ziplox bags come in handy. Use them!

And here are some of Martha's tips for what to pack in your carry-on bag:

* All of your "irreplaceables," i.e., travel documents.
* Something to read/do on the flight.
* Necessary meds.
* Basic toiletries, such as hand cream, toothpaste, eyedrops, etc.
* Underwear, clean shirt, socks, something to sleep in--just in case your luggage is delayed/lost.
* Healthy snacks and water.
* Extra ziploc bags.

OK, now it's time to take these tips to heart. Find a place you've been dying to see and go. Now.

Safe travels.

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