Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paris, Anyone?

I'm a lucky gal. I work in a department at our college where we get to plan international tours. These tours are not "study abroad" tours, although our college offers those tours, as well. No, these tours are for the community. The way I look at it, our tours are perfect for folks who like to have all the arrangements and details of international travel handled by someone else, someone they trust.

In March 2012 (really not that far off now that our Fall semester has kicked off) we're heading to Paris, France (with a nice little jaunt to the Loire Valley.) This tour will have two tour leaders and both of them are nice, fun, funny, and incredibly easy to get along with (if you've been on tours where this isn't the case, you understand why having a great tour leader can make or break a tour.)

One of our tour leaders teaches French at our college. The other leader is director of our art gallery. Think of that! Traveling to Paris with someone who speaks French fluently (especially when it comes to ordering wine and delicious French food) and someone who can guide you through some of the most magnificent art museums on our planet.

To whet people's appetites for travel to France, we're hosting a free information session on September 27. Just call us for details at 217/353-2055 or parklandtravel@parkland.edu.

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